ISOC Malaysia Chapter Mission and Vision

1. to provide co-ordination and leadership on matters related to the Internet to ensure it stays open and accessible

2. to ensure that ISOC's regional and global deliberations include input from Malaysia, a country which is committed to being a knowledge economy

3. to ensure that matters of public policy are discussed and deliberated with impartiality and in a multi-stakeholder environment

4. to ensure that the Malaysian community is aware of the work of the Internet Engineering Task Force, and that there is greater awareness of participation opportunities from Malaysia

5. to act in a collaborative manner with other Malaysian government and ICT industry bodies in an effort to ensure wide consultation and discussion on technical as well as policy matters concerning the Internet

6. to ensure global discussions by the international Internet community include perspectives from Malaysia

7. to identify opportunities for Malaysia-based members to contribute to ISOC's regional and global activities

8. to identify regional opportunities for collaboration (either with other ISOC chapters, members or regional Internet community)

9. to provide education and guidance to the community i.e. schools, kids and the general public to ensure the Internet a safe place to be in. The Internet is becoming a world by itself that minor and seniors flock by the hours and the next generation is going to be moulded out of this.

10. to create the platform for research discussions that brings ideas together and find solutions should be there. This will be done through setting up of various working groups within the chapter.