Be A Member of ISOC Malaysia Chapter

Please follow the steps to join as member of ISOC/ISOC Malaysia:

  1. Register as a global member of Internet Society atĀ
  2. Choose Malaysia ChapterĀ upon registration.
  3. ISOC-MY staff will send you an email for further actions before membership approval.

Please note the following:

  1. ISOC Global membership fee is FREE OF CHARGE.
  2. ISOC Malaysia membership fee is as agreed during the ISOC Malaysia General Meeting and stated in the ISOC Malaysia Constitution approved by the Registrar of Societies Malaysia. All members are required to pay registration/entrance fee of RM50 per membership application.
  3. Ordinary/Normal and lifetime membership of ISOC Malaysia Chapter is open for Malaysian or non-Malaysian residing in Malaysia (not less than 1 year of residency in Malaysia) only. The minimum membership age is 18 years old. Ordinary members pays membership fees of RM50/year, while lifetime members pays RM300/membership (once).
  4. Non-Malaysians (non-residents) are invited to become Associate Members of ISOC Malaysia Chapter with annual membership fee of USD50/year.
  5. Students membership is open for Malaysian students in high school up to tertiary education (13 years old and above) with proof of active studentship. Applicants of student membership aged below 18 years old must produce valid letter of consents from parents or legal guardian. Students members can either pay membership fees of RM20/year OR pay RM50/membership (once) throughout their studentship period.
  6. ISOC-MY Executive Committee reserves the rights to amend membership regulations of ISOC Malaysia chapter as stated in the Constitution. All inquiries regarding ISOC Malaysia membership should be emailed to